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Quiz 1: Edwards Basics Level 1

This quiz will test your knowledge of basic water concepts and also your knowledge of some Edwards basics.


Dihydrogen monoxide (H2O) is a powerful chemical compound that is absolutely essential for life. It is more commonly known as:

a) gatorade
b) beer
c) water
d) coffee

Water within the Earth that supplies wells and springs is called ____________.

a) groundwater
b) surface water
c) greywater
d) hypolimnotic water

Water is known as the ____________ solvent because it dissolves so many other compounds.

a) extracurricular
b) universal
c) autogenic
d) depletion curve

Water ____________ is an undesirable change in the physical, chemical, or biological characteristics that can harmfully affect the health, survival, or activities of human or other living organisms.

a) treatment
b) migration
c) pollution
d) mitigation

The Edwards Aquifer very effectively removes solid particles that are suspended in recharge stormwater. Compared to water that goes in as recharge, water that emerges at springs or from wells is very low in suspended solids. A device that separates solids from a liquid is called a ____________.

a) filter
b) flux capacitor
c) percolator
d) reservoir

A "point source" of pollution involves discharge of wastes from an identifiable point, such as an industrial discharge to a river. Most of the potential sources of pollution to the Edwards are from sources that are spread out and difficult to control. These are called ____________ sources.

a) unknown
b) uplift
c) forebay
d) non-point

There is no universally accepted definition of what a drought is, but it is generally the term applied to periods of less than average precipitation over a certain period of time. In south Texas, ranchers say the next one begins the minute it stops raining.

a) true
b) false

Edwards water is safe for drinking. Such water is called ____________.

a) unpotable
b) radioactive
c) potable
d) untreated

The Edwards has many natural channels through which water may be conveyed. Such a channel is called a ____________.

a) conduit
b) capillary
c) matrix
d) casing

The only treatment required for Edwards water is the addition of chlorine for the purpose of disinfection.

a) true
b) false