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Edwards Aquifer Lectures

Over the years I have done more than 150 lectures on the Edwards Aquifer and related topics for community groups, volunteer organizations, agencies, and universities. I would be happy to do a presentation at yours.

I can structure a talk to last anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours, depending on what you need. If time is short but you want the full-length version, I can even do it several parts over several meetings. There is never a charge.

I can also do presentations on several other topics, such as regional water resources in general, the cultural and environmental history of the San Antonio River, San Pedro Park, environmental modeling, etc.

I am currently serving an appointment on the state's Bay and Basin Expert Science Team for the Guadalupe and San Antonio Rivers, which is tasked with deriving science-based recommendations for flows to maintain a sound ecological environment, so I can speak to that topic as well.

All of my presentations draw from my extensive archives of photographs, rare and historic documents, and illustrative graphics that I prepare myself. You can't see this stuff anywhere else.

My presentations do not include any of your typical institutional corporate-speak or party line stuff. If you want some sugar-coated and politically correct blather, it's better to get one of the agencies to give your talk.

email me to set something up.